I got a cup cake and everything thanks to Photoshop!

This week, comedian Ryan Bourassa joins me in the barbershop to talk weed and comedy. I had a lot of fun with this dude!

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This weekend, I'll be speaking with Houston Norml to talk about getting it legalized in Texas.
I had the pleaseure of speaking with the Producer and Screenwriter of "The Lost Arcade" Documentary, Irene Chin. If you're wondering what the "Trailer" tab is for, it's for this movie!
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Olympic Speed Skater and all around good dude, Gilmore Junio, will be joining me in the barbershop tomorrow. I'm excited about this one!
My submission to The "I'm Tired" Project. Check out their work here.
"I'm tired of being told I sound 'white'. "I'm tired of hearing these comments because I always felt as if I failed to meet some level of “blackness” that society demanded from me. I never talked like the smooth, jive talking brotha on TV or the hard gangsta you've heard on every goddamn rap album. Since these mediums are typically used to fill in for the lack of life experience and interaction, a sampling error is created and now, EVERY black person must speak this way. Because this sampling error was used so frequently when I was younger, it made it much more difficult to be my own person and find my own voice, both literally and figuratively. "Growing up, I was always told to speak properly so I'll be able to get a job or go to college. On the other hand, social mores demanded I talk “black” which made me feel spectacularly fake. It took some growing up to do, but I've come to realize that there is no happy medium because being the best version of myself and not settling for mediocrity, which includes the way I talk, means I'm not going to please everyone. "Despite what you many think, good and bad grammar is not synonymous with “white” or “black.” So, when you tell me that I sound “white” (speak properly!), what you're really telling me is I'm desperately trying to be something that I am not, I'm not my own person and that I've failed to meet one of the cheap traits that you've collected and put into a box so that I may be easily categorized." A submission sent in to us at Photo credit: The Secular Barbershop #imtired #theimtiredproject
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Huge thank you to The Shanghai Restoration Project for sharing their music on the show! More to come from these guys!
Comedian Joey D joined me in The Barbershop this week. I learned a lot from this dude!
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